About the book

XENOCHRIST is a science-fiction/cyberpunk novel set in the year 2503 and follows tech industry giants Kravac Alntar and Wixspin Atlicke as they struggle with the apparent suicide of one of their closest friends and business partner at ProgKVW, Volz Shimmel. Was her suicide an accident? The duo are thrust into a massive conspiracy involving rebel operatives, closed-off countries as a result of the Unification War, and the massive Earth Unified Nation contractor Svetlo-Zeme; a conglomeration set on controlling the lives of humans on Earth and throughout the galaxy.

Kravac & Wixspin become embroiled in a fight for survival as they seek the answers they desperately want while avoiding Reygard Svetlo’s personal army STGuard and their sadistic leader Rocio Bayard. Coming across friends and foes alike such as the famed NANOcon rebel leader Guts Weaver, curious but loyal battle bot X-5, the enigmatic proprietor of the virtual deep web cafe “Divinations” and fabled infotrader who goes by Jander, and the leader of the most notorious gang on Earth controlling the entire eastern seaboard of the former United States the Whyos patriarch Roderick Hayworth.

Themes of the book

XENOCHRIST is a unique blend of science-fiction, cyberpunk, mystery-thriller, and at times even horror as our characters witness the atrocities of man and machine. On a deeper level the book poses several questions that each of us must ask ourselves:

  • What does it mean to truly be human?
  • Are we truly ourselves, our real selves in the physical realm, or are we our real self with our avatars and social medias?
  • Is there a god or deity, and if so what is the criteria for being one, and if one does exist is it truly a good, moral, and just deity or can they be some malicious entity?

The book’s purpose

Personally I (the author) am an atheist, and I was raised in a religious household, but when I went about constructing the overall thesis if you will of what I intended XENOCHRIST to be I wanted it to be a sort of love letter to past faith. I wanted to write a book that no one person could easily answer. I know that sounds self-defeating when wanting readers to enjoy the book, which is why these questions and purpose aren’t necessarily spelled out, because first and foremost this is supposed to be a fun and exciting novel. At the end of the day if you just want to read an intriguing novel set in the future that is a perfectly fine thing to do with this book, but if you ask yourself these questions like I do I would love to hear your own thoughts and possible answers and how they work within the book.

Release of the book

XENOCHRIST released June 25th through Amazon.com on Kindle and paperback and you can purchase it by clicking here. A hardcover edition through Barnes & Noble will release August 17th which you can pre-order here, and a paperback version is also available there.

De Futura

The world of XENOCHRIST will continue through my next novel Lord of Poison which, if things go as they are, will be released by summer 2021.

To top it all off XENOCHRIST is one of three full novels (Think 90-100+k words each) I have planned, but don’t think of these as sequels or prequels. Each book planned is a separate thing involving new protagonists and some familiar characters too with slight variation of sub-genres, and this series is called “Of Man & Machine“. I cannot wait to show you this world and the characters within, and I’d love to stay connected with anyone interested in the work!