Works In Progress

The Valley of Thryng (POSTPONED)

UPDATE 6/8/2020: I’ve postponed The Valley of Thryng until I’ve finished or at least gotten to a good place with Lord of Poison. I have so many fantastic ideas for LoP and I can’t just wait to finish VoT to start it, so I’ve decided to place this one on the back burner until I can get some work done in Lord of Poison.

I’m working on a short-story set in the fantasy realm of Kvalheim. The story follows four adventurers; Bylorn, Mili, Wolfdyne, and Tarlbor as they travel the land in search for answers to Bylorn’s ailment known as the Wyverncurse and attempt to unlock the mysteries of the long-forgotten plane known as the Valley of Thryng where all brave warriors travel to ascend mortality.

Lord of Poison (WIP Of Man & Machine book 2)

This is the continuation of the “Of Man & Machine” series XENOCHRIST is part of. Yes, I have a title for it now! Lord of Poison follows our heroine, a graffiti artist known as “Velouria” in Metropoli de Mexico aka MDMX formerly Cuidad de Mexico. Velouria stumbles upon a hidden piece of AR graffiti one night and realizes it was created by the famed artist known as “BRAIN///KILLER”, the only problem is this artist has been dead for thirty-eight years. The piece comes to life in front of her and she discovers hidden within is a line of code, and our heroine searches the Dark Web in hopes of finding a way to access the information.

You can read the Prologue through my blog now. This is the draft version, so it’ll most likely change in some way before release.

Velouria’s journey will take her through the beautiful sprawl of Mexico City as she pieces together the secrets in BRAIN///KILLER’s art in the year 2504. The expected release for this is Spring/Summer 2021.

Ave Plague (Of Man & Machine book 3)

Ave Plague is the title for the 3rd book in the “Of Man & Machine” series and will bring closure to some of the things in XENOCHRIST. This doesn’t mean we’re done seeing these worlds and settings, but it just means I want to have a sort of end-cap on unfinished business from the first book.

Ave Plague will follow a bounty hunter several years after the end of Lord of Poison as he’s hired to track down and kill the terrorist responsible for a series of chemical bombs releasing a deadly toxin.

Ave Plague will feature heavy themes of faith and religion as our bounty hunter struggles with his own past. In keeping on theme with the other 2 books Ave Plague will pay homage to Classical-era music and composers, and of course the idea of gods existing, hence the play on “Ave Maria” but with a more sinister twist.

Ave Plague will most likely be in the area of 150,000 words, if not more, making it my largest novel. This means you can possibly see a release for this in late 2022 as long as work on Lord of Poison goes as planned.