Works In Progress

The Valley of Thryng (POSTPONED)

UPDATE 6/8/2020: I’ve postponed The Valley of Thryng until I’ve finished or at least gotten to a good place with Lord of Poison. I have so many fantastic ideas for LoP and I can’t just wait to finish VoT to start it, so I’ve decided to place this one on the back burner until I can get some work done in Lord of Poison.

I’m working on a short-story set in the fantasy realm of Kvalheim. The story follows four adventurers; Bylorn, Mili, Wolfdyne, and Tarlbor as they travel the land in search for answers to Bylorn’s ailment known as the Wyverncurse and attempt to unlock the mysteries of the long-forgotten plane known as the Valley of Thryng where all brave warriors travel to ascend mortality.

Ave Plague (Of Man & Machine book 3)

Ave Plague is the title for the 3rd book in the “Of Man & Machine” series and will bring closure to some of the things in XENOCHRIST and Lord of Poison. This doesn’t mean we’re done seeing these worlds and settings, but it just means I want to have a sort of end-cap on unfinished business from the first book.

Ave Plague will follow a private investigator several years after the end of Lord of Poison as he’s hired to track down a woman who has disappeared and is connected to a cult called The Church of the 3rd Mass – which is also rumored to be led by the terrorist known as King Plague.

Ave Plague will feature heavy themes of faith and religion as our PI struggles with his own past. Ave Plague will feature themes of xenophobia, and racism while tackling the overall premise of gods and faith – hence the play on “Ave Maria”.

Ave Plague will most likely be in the area of 150,000 words, if not more, making it my largest novel. This means you can possibly see a release for this in late 2022 as long as work on Lord of Poison goes as planned.

Untitled Space Pirate Book

The original idea for Ave Plague was to be about space pirates, and a lot of research and writing went into this idea, but after about 30,000 words in the manuscript I hated it and felt it wasn’t right for the final book in Of Man & Machine which is why it’s now on the back burner. I love the idea and overall concept which is why I’m keeping it but just as something else and not part of Of Man & Machine.