Our Lord of Poison

If you haven't noticed already I've made a few updates to my "Works In Progress" section regarding "The Brainkiller"; namely I've changed the title. "Lord of Poison" will be the same story and setting as the novel formerly known as "The Brainkiller". This change came after discussing with my good friend and XENOCHRIST cover artist Brian aka Brain Killer with what the next book's title should be. The novel's plot will still involve our protagonist artist Velouria seeking the artist named BRAIN///KILLER, but we've added some changes to keep the two brands separate.

“American Dirt” – Problematic at best, literary diarrhea at worst.

“American Dirt” is the classic tale of a Mexican woman who witnesses the cartel execution of her family, as is common apparently, and proceeds to Google how to be Mexican all while describing how seeing dead people in the streets is just as common as stray dogs. It’s not enough that the author claims the … Continue reading “American Dirt” – Problematic at best, literary diarrhea at worst.