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Time After Time

Tons of updates! Lord of Poison news, podcasts, and even a convention!

Ave Plague

N.H. Weber announces Book 3 in his “Of Man & Machine” series.

Avengers, uninstall!

The upcoming Avengers videogame is a massive disappointment. Read more to see why.

Life in Zenith

Download XENOCHRIST for FREE on from July 25th through the 29th!

El Centauro de la Conquista

Here’s a thing no one has asked for, and that thing is the unedited prologue to my current work in progress “Lord of Poison”! Recently I gave it out as a teaser during SaS Con (SaS Con 2021 is gonna happen in February!) over the weekend, but I’d love to now give it to all of you! With out further delay: Lord of Poison – Prologue – El Centauro de la Conquista

March of Humanity

I’ve now finished the prologue and first chapter of my next novel in the Of Man & Machine series Lord of Poison! I’ve also started some of the other minor processes for the novel, a lesson learned from doing XENOCHRIST. With my first novel I waited until after I’d already written and edited to get everything together, the cover, the marketing images etc., so I’m happy to be doing all of that while writing Lord of Poison.


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