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Vapor Space

A brief update on N.H. Weber’s goings ons and his latest work.

Time After Time

Tons of updates! Lord of Poison news, podcasts, and even a convention!

Ave Plague

N.H. Weber announces Book 3 in his “Of Man & Machine” series.

Avengers, uninstall!

The upcoming Avengers videogame is a massive disappointment. Read more to see why.

Life in Zenith

Download XENOCHRIST for FREE on from July 25th through the 29th!

El Centauro de la Conquista

Here’s a thing no one has asked for, and that thing is the unedited prologue to my current work in progress “Lord of Poison”! Recently I gave it out as a teaser during SaS Con (SaS Con 2021 is gonna happen in February!) over the weekend, but I’d love to now give it to all of you! With out further delay: Lord of Poison – Prologue – El Centauro de la Conquista


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