About the Author

Well, maybe not Hell per se, but I am me. I am something, and that something is allegedly an author or at least pretending to be one. This is where I am supposed to write something about myself, which to be honest I am notoriously awful with but I will do my best here. I was born in the Seattle-ish area of Washington state, USA at a point in the 1980’s where things were sort of O.K. but not too O.K., O.K.? I was never much of an “academic” whatever that means, but I’d always been interested in space (the outer kind) and for some reason the weather. Like, obsessed with weather.

I grew up in what I remember being a dysfunctional family, but I think it was really just there’s a lot of us Webers so to be fair we did the best we could, or better yet my mother did the best she could considering my father passed away when I was 10. My fondness of space (the outer kind) came from my father who would show us films like Star Wars. My brothers and I would gather in the living room to watch and re-watch those old VHS’ time and again, and in the summer and fall of 1996 we readied ourselves for the Special Editions to come out in theaters by begging mom & dad for every action figure and playset that came out. Unfortunately my father passed away that October and never got to see them with us, but I like to think he Force Ghosted himself into that theater with us.

This has somehow turned into a tangent, which I suppose is fine? I mean, if you’re reading this still then I guess I should thank you for not interrupting me thus far, but I should wrap this up. I spent a good deal of time in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Virginia and in that time my hobbies have been skateboarding (formerly, see Wisconsin), video games (Think Final Fantasy), playing bass and guitar in several bands, and lots of reading. I have a passion for science fiction and fantasy works, which explains why I’m now attempting a cyberpunk novel of my own, which is why I’ve made this website. THE WEBSITE! O.K., so maybe I got a bit sidetracked. I’ve written a novel, XENOCHRIST, and am attempting other works now. So if you stay connected with my website here or follow my Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram you’ll certainly be bombarded with updates. To know more about XENOCHRIST just click here to read about it!

Thank you for suffering through all of this, and I hope you’ll enjoy my novel, XENOCHRIST available on Kindle and Paperback through Amazon.com, and a hardcover edition and paperback through Barnes & Noble.