Ave Plague

It’s been some months, hasn’t it?

Last we spoke I was still writing Lord of Poison (published back in June), which also has a Spanish translation, and now I’m 3 chapters into book 3, Ave Plague. It’s a new year, lot’s of craziness going on, and the last year was just so entirely hectic I wasn’t sure if I’d ever get a chance to just sit here and write to all of you.

Well, now I am. So, Ave Plague is expected to have a Fall 2022 release and that’ll be the end of the “Of Man & Machine” series! Crazy to think I’d been working on these books since 2019! The entire series has been released in a pandemic, which is crazy to think about!

As far as the future is concerned I think once I get Ave Plague out there I’ll be taking a much-needed break from writing, and I’m not too sure when I’ll get back into it, but I do have other books in mind that are separate from the series. I still have the space pirates idea, and then of course another book I’m thinking I’ve planed a little on – It’s sci-fi for sure, but haven’t worked out all the details.

Anyway, thanks for sticking it out with me thus far, hope you’ve all enjoyed XENOCHRIST and Lord of Poison, and I can’t wait to give you all Ave Plague later this year!

Cheers – NHW

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