Vapor Space

It’s been a real hot minute since I’ve posted much of anything on here, so I think it’s high-time I gave an update!

Lord of Poison was completed a few weeks ago and is currently being translated into Spanish! Also, did somebody say “full manuscript request“? Because its currently being read by a publisher! I’m super happy with how the whole thing is progressing. But fret not, there’s a contingency plan if they don’t want it which will have an update in that case.

Some other exciting news: I have the prologue and 20 chapters of book 3, Ave Plague, outlined! This next one is going to be pretty insane – Cyberpunk Space Pirates! Yes, you read that correctly. Ave Plague will finish my “Of Man & Machine” anthology series, but I think I’ll write more within the universe. I love the lore and stuff in it too much to just be like “nah I’m done”, but I’ll be done with what XENOCHRIST started for sure and move on to new stories not connected to the series but set in the same universe, if that makes sense.

XENOCHRIST, Lord of Poison, and Ave Plague are all connected to each other through themes and cross-over characters with the third being the ribbon that ties it all up neatly, but I’m not ready to just leave this universe I created. I have a few short stories in mind but nothing solid just yet, but one of them is called The Valley of Thryng.

I think that’ll do it for now though, still loads of work ahead and I’m so fortunate to have people who give my works a chance, so thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Be good to each other, and GET VACCINATED!



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