We Burn But We Survive

I did a thing.

How beautiful, is it not?

Yup! XENOCHRIST is getting a Hardcover Edition exclusively through Barnes & Noble and will be released August 17th! You can pre-order to secure your copy gets shipped out on time since, like, there’s delays because this goddamn virus business. As a side note, however, B&N will not be receiving an eBook version due to current contractual obligations to Amazon, but that could change in the next 90 days so we’ll see.

There will be a paperback edition for B&N as well which’ll launch same-day, but since you can also get it on Amazon I didn’t think doing a PB pre-order made much sense. For my eagle-eyed readers you may notice a few minor changes exclusively on the B&N editions, maybe an Easter Egg or 2, but don’t feel left out my Amazon peeps! You’ve also been given an Amazon only nod.

Honestly I can’t wait for y’all to enjoy the new edition, and I’m so eternally grateful for those of you who’ve picked up the book on Amazon. Really. Thank you all so much for even wanting to read this mess of a book!

Cheers – NHW

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