Our Lord of Poison

If you haven’t noticed already I’ve made a few updates to my “Works In Progress” section regarding “The Brainkiller”; namely I’ve changed the title. “Lord of Poison” will be the same story and setting as the novel formerly known as “The Brainkiller”. This change came after discussing with my good friend and XENOCHRIST cover artist Brian aka Brain Killer with what the next book’s title should be. The novel’s plot will still involve our protagonist artist Velouria seeking the artist named BRAIN///KILLER, but we’ve added some changes to keep the two brands separate.

Lord of Poison by N.H. Weber

I settled on the title “Lord of Poison” as it’s a reference to an artist I’ve been heavily influenced by, Mexican social realist painter David Alfaro Siqueiros, and his 1918 piece titled “The Lord of Poison” which is referenced in my novel. The story behind the painting itself has several versions but all of them involve a priest here in Mexico who would kiss the Corpus Christi and the feet were poisoned by someone to assassinate said priest. The legend is the feet of the statue moved inward to keep the priest from kissing the statue, and in another version, the icon itself absorbed the poison thus the statue turning black.

The Lord of Poison by David Alfaro Siqueiros

My expected time for finishing everything, writing, editing etc is Spring 2021 and will probably have the same release window as XENOCHRIST. For now you can follow my blog and my social medias for any updates!

Cheers – NHW

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