Shepherd of Deception

XENOCHRIST by N.H. Weber (that’s me!) releases June 25th and is available for pre-order right now! Click here to do all that!

A full year from start to finish. I began the re-writing project towards the end of June, finished writing early in 2020, and finished editing in April. I couldn’t be more excited and happy with all of this, with Brain Killer’s cover, the commercial from VoiceoverPete, and the incredible music from Casket Robbery and Evergreen. I also want to thank everyone who has supported and believed in this and encouraged me to keep writing.

I hope you enjoy the spot, and when XENOCHRIST launches June 25th I really hope you enjoy it too!

Official cover art by Brain Killer

Cheers – NHW

XENOCHRIST by N.H. Weber Pre-Order today!

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