Dreaming Neon Black

Exciting news! The cover for Xenochrist is coming along wonderfully thanks to Brainkiller, and I can’t wait to reveal it to everyone as soon as it’s finished!

In other news I have decided to go full self-published for this book and will be doing it strictly through Amazon’s KDP service, so you’ll be able to purchase a paperback copy or an ePub version for your e-reader only on Amazon.

I went with their service after tons of research and asking friends who’ve also published for their opinion, and it seems like the KDP service offers the most control and protection of your work while also putting it on every Amazon regional market like .mx .uk .jp etc. which is something I really want. The more exposure the better, and I’d like to see it in markets outside of North America.

Speaking of, there will also be a Spanish translation of Xenochrist in the near future, so once that gets closer to finalizing I’ll post about it.

Cheers – NHW

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