Forever Dusk

Pretty dramatic blog title, I know. It’s 3:13 AM here in Mexico City. Oh! I forgot to mention that I live in Mexico City. I just finished the 20th chapter of Xenochrist, some 70,000 words into the book and that is out of my planned 100,000 words (please don’t remind me). The holidays have been hectic, yet not even. It’s a weird conundrum I know, but I feel like December, despite my classes (I’m an English teacher, did I not mention that earlier either?) being reduced due to vacations etc. I felt like the whole month was just nonstop and unrelenting. Maybe that’s just the news cycle getting to me? I don’t know.

Either way, I hadn’t gotten around to writing much during December which was a major drag to come back to my desk and bang away on my laptop hoping it all somehow comes together. It’s also incredibly difficult to get a solid writing session in when Asimov (my cat) is probably the neediest creature to ever exist. I adore the little man, but my God does he need constant cuddles lest ye suffer the wrath of his screeching for a solid 30 minutes before he goes back to eating and sleeping. You’d think for being a former stray/dumpster diving cat he’d just be like “oh yeah this warm blanket on a couch is pretty legit y’all” but nope, not how he rolls. But I love the little guy, er-I mean big guy. He packed on them lbs because I’m a terrible cat dad who feeds him entirely too much.

I should probably go to bed, but knowing me I’ll just watch some YouTube videos on how the universe is actually a reflection or something. So I think this is where I’ll be off until the next writing session I suppose.

Cheers – N.H.W.

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